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Encouraging competition play runescape

All games are played throughout the contest daily tasks, players can stir up competition during any routine task. In Taoyuan picking tasks, for example, two players at the same time picking automatically match race. Within the rated time to complete 10 times picking, picking each will earn points, high points wins. Winning players will get extra experience and gift boxes.

Competition help to quickly upgrade: When a player in a certain time in the main activities are carried out around the upgrade, the system will recommend the same level as the players within range, while busy with another player to qualify for the race. The first to reach the specified level wins. The winning party may choose to immediately upgrade the experience of reward, or you can choose to store the experience of experience, Dan, Lu and other flowers.

Competition with the wisdom to duel, the traditional game of group activities are game to show activity in the form of charts results. runescape will introduce competition play group activities, even quiz, group activities such war trials can be carried out contest between individuals. Players may be within a certain range, select the race object. If the force is temporarily unable singled in the quiz, and with wisdom and his duel it!

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Runescape reproduced in ancient style
RuneScape Twitch integration within the game
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