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Falador Massacre 10 Year Anniversary Event

The strange occurrences were portentous after all – the legendary Falador Massacre has returned!

The PKing might be safe this time but what about Buy RS Gold the boss fight with a giant version of Durial321? How to participate? To join the world in tenth anniversary activities 111. You can enjoy the chaos until June 13th UTC 23:59.

The event has 2 stages in a constant cycle cycle:

(1) become a durial321 with "PK" and other players

Players in the area near the massacre will be randomly changed into a terrible durial321, with full power to attack any player near the load with his equipment. Victims can not fight back, but will not really die or lose any item, if they are killed by a owner. Player Owned by durial will receive these "double XP PVP kill".

(2) big BOSS durial321 war

In the possession of a few examples, a huge durial321 boss will appear. Join your peers in trying to get the boss or help durial destroy your teammates! Durial or other players at this stage of the event will not make you lose the items. You'll get a double XP PVP from "kill" at this stage too.

According to the needs of the player, the event may be triggered in other games world, so that as many as you may have the opportunity to experience it. Pay attention to Buy Runescape Gold our social media channels, to prevent other world broadcasting open, durial321's anger! This week should pay attention to other activities around the 10 anniversary of the Falador massacre community.

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