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Festival Event in Runescape

Festival, is in line with the festive atmosphere and design. Halloween festival began in 2001, Jagex only for Easter, Halloween and Christmas design festivals. Festival requires the player to complete a task related to the festival, and the prize will be a movement, an ornament. A festival will be about two weeks after the event, the festival will not be able to do the task, there will be no prizes. And that was the prize in a festival after completion, it is out of print.

In all festival prize in 2002 before Christmas, would be traded. After the period, all prizes will not trade, can not be thrown into places seen or picked up by other players, only to make their own collections. If lost, you can get back to the designated player automatically. In all festival prize in 2002 before Christmas, at the present it is very rare, so the price is very high. In addition, each of the festival, there will be special arrangements to cater to the festive atmosphere.

In November 26, 2008, the first official launch of special festivals -Thanksgiving 2008 Event, and other festive events are not the same.

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