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Fist of Guthix for MMORS.COM

If you have not played before then, Guthix boxing is a multiplayer minigame, players take turns being hunted and the hunter, chasing their prey, or to collect as much primary energy as they can.

Today's changes mean that game more accessible, better balance, are more valuable than ever - plus, from Thursday, it will be in the spotlight of the minigame.

Guthix novice fist should head to the cave entrance player - are in camps between Falador magnet and dwarves. It is safe, so when you die you will not lose your equipment - stuck in and give it a go!

Please note, Guthix iron fist is not available to people accounts.Keep your eyes on, we are going to bring you the latest information of Runescape forwards release time.

MMORS.COM to introduce about Guthix Fist reward
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