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Further development of the combat system is going well

The developer of Runescape announced recently that the development of the combat system is progressing successfully. The new combat system is one of the most comprehensive updates in the history of Runescape.

The active Runescape players which need cost rs gold to enjoy more content experience, among you will have the teaser for the further development of the combat system probably already discovered. Now the developer of Runescape announced that, work on the development of the combat system is progressing well and this will be implemented over the summer. The next update will this be so comprehensive that it is one of the largest in the history of Runescape.

According to Jagex, the new combat system is fluid, interactive and exciting than the present and thereby to ensure considerably more variety and fun. Since it is such a profound development of the game is from the week 25 June for the first time a beta test phase started. From then on you have the chance to test the new combat system and give the developers feedback.

Only few days ago a new update has been released thanks to which the training of the spark-skills is much easier. From now you can namely the logs in your inventory to add to any fire and thereby gain experience point.


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