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Game Content When a New Account is Registered in Runescape

  The new RS Gold players will start on the map within a limited, the new players will have to accept a learning task, the task allows players to learn to understand the basic skills: nearly distance attack, archery, fishing, cooking, magic, prayer, mining, forging, logging, fire, and learning how to use the bank. Players in the process of learning tasks, you can not open chat transactions. Only to complete the task, in order to RuneScape city formally explore.

  exploration:The players use a shortcut across the river. Runescape Players can walk, run, magic instantly transfer, aircraft, boat or walk the line shortcuts shuttle throughout the the RuneScape world Walk: the players free mouse button on the screen destination click you can move. (Details see game action method)

  Running: players can set the status of their own in the run game, but the running time to exhaustion, physical full 100%, when running, physical items that will carry over players, and wearing clothes, armor weight size and consumption. The higher the pay the player's agility level, will be able to speed up access to running the air force. (For agility, see skills to make Cheap RS Gold)

  The magic instant transfer operation : Players can use the Sorcerer's Stone,(buy RS gold) read out the magic specified, will be able to instantly transferred to the designated location. The player's magic level, the number of instant transfer operation can read more. Some require a high level magic, and paid members only, read out the other players instantly transferred to the designated location. Specific items similar magic teleport effect. The automatic character will provide transmission services.


  This function is used for paying members only. Player to complete a specific task, through dialogue the dryad specified (gnome), you can use the glider service, flew to the designated location.

  Boat: Players to specify pier with the specified auto players (NPC) dialogue, using the boat service to the designated shore. Players can create their own canoe trips.

  Subway: Dwarf (dwarf) operators need to buy a ticket.

  Hot air balloon: Complete "blind journey (Enlightened journet)," task after you can use, they have to understand the operation of the rules.

  Fairy ring: "Myth - Part II (Fairytale Part II)" fairy godfather (fairy godfather) the license after use. Equipment specific staves, from a partial ring sent to the parent ring, and then the parent ring dialing send to the other sub-ring.

  The spirit of the tree: the completion of the "the dryad Village (Tree gnome village)" task can use. There are 83 agricultural players can plant one.

  Shortcut: This function is used for paying members only. Players via a shortcut, went to the destination, and avoid the need to bypass the main road to the destination only. The higher the level of the agility of the players use more shortcuts. And if you Buy RS Gold online at MMORS.COM, more discount you can get!

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