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Gameblast16 has come to an end

Gameblast16 has ended, we have recovered from the wet a memorable 24 hours of gunge charity live chaos.

Your donation of bonds and the game's wealth, flow more than 100000 U.S. dollars in life, but it did not stop. You don't stop to in during the course of the weekend: Ribbon organized games donations convulsions, the clan together to rescue, and generous donations to individuals through bidding fierce our charity auction.

Now the total together, we announced that the community has raised more than $150000 in excitatory effect.

This is an amazing number, this will bring great help to Runescape Gold work with their different - good, fun and contains the physically disabled people through video games.

Here are some interesting facts from the weekend:

We used 1200 liters of dirty bad dunk and guest jmods

19 jmods and gunged Live Streaming Player

In the profile 12000 (about $16800) from our charity auction

By GP is the highest, with 5 billion 35 million (more than $1600!)

Near is the top of the bonds, given 501 bonds (a value of more than $2500). 311 in a close 500 bond.

We can not because of mmors your generosity, enthusiasm and passion and thank you. Keep good! review to free to play extravaganza
Behind the scenes march 2016 II
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