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Giant imitation of vengeance

Giant to imitate the boss once again, in the cave of the treasure hunters loose. Head to Lodestone Burthorpe through the portal to fight and plunder the cunning beast every day from 17 November to 21 November UTC UTC 23:59 00:00.

How to play

Beat the giant to Buy RS Gold imitate the boss in no more than 150 seconds after the choice of a four difficulty: easy, medium, hard and elite.

Battle the giant to imitate many times, you like the incident, but you can only be robbed 5 times a day. You will only kill the boss with a robbery attempt.

Note - if you die to the boss, it will not be counted as a robbery attempt, you can try again without punishment. The boss of the fight is also a safe death, so you won't lose any items.

Imitate the boss

Treasure Hunter

In addition, the circulation of tokens beyond the limit can be obtained by the boss booty treasure hunter.

You can also use your key to win small, medium, large, or huge loot boxes.

Imitate the boss


After defeating the boss (any difficulty), you have the chance to get a simulated pet as a drop, if you don't have it.

Booty box from the beat and rob the boss earned (or the treasure, if you're lucky) can open, find a variety of incentives, including:

Mini ever-changing packages contain 10 items - the ever-changing

Rare item symbol

The carving of the invasion, the sacrifice and the corruption came back!

Combat training dummy, spring and feather

Imitation hat

Alternative mark of trade

Hard / elite only reward

New 2H distributed weapon tokens that can be obtained from loot boxes

New rare earth trade Doll - only a drop from the boss

As before, the corner of Buy Runescape Gold the tongue can only be used as a drop from the boss.


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