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Gielinor dungeon heart event camp

As kharidian desert under the God World War Dungeon 2 door was found, ready to now have to take the boss in! The warrior guild ajjat site. He joined him on Thursday to train some fresh recruits (they need more encouragement) and helped prepare for the fight.

There will be a lot of reward and the XP wait for the right price to sell some cool stuff, including love animation and unique weapons. This event will be similar to the raddallin Lost Sword, with individual and community goals, to achieve more unlock! It will be free, and you will get the necessary items every day to attend. In addition, the treasure hunters will provide more ways to promote your progress, and for the greatest return.

More details will come later this week, so please pay attention to the news!If you want to learn more related content and Buy RS Gold from review to The latest patch of NXT
The general improvement of fishing and logging
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