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Gielinor treasure hunter Award

Unlock bonus individuals and communities gielinor interface level of contribution to the prize of heart, in pop-up discovery process can inspection activities during and ajjat or the use of the tool box, right-click option at any time.

65 main hand and off hand open arm cannon will be unlocked when the individual and community progress reached 20% completion. These can be further upgraded, including a new action, so that they can wear a closet cover, increased to 75 level schedule.

There will also be the mysterious box can unlock the contribution level, which contains an array of various treasure hunters. Finally, the mysterious box contains more income, so try to unlock it, if you can!

Note that the Ironman account can participate and will receive the closet covered only.

The Ironman is allowed skills exactly as a normal player, and that day will receive a standard tool.

Iron man can't get money.

The iron man can not buy any additional tools and loyalty points.

Iron man can't get the mysterious box.

The iron man cannot get weapons.

The rights of a portal will cover the entrance to the God of war dungeon, until the story is complete, and will remain there, God of war until the release of the dungeon updating and may Stormweather find more information or click on the portal to break the divination XP.If you want to know more information about RS Gold ,you should choose our site

God wars dungeon 2 for mmors
Heart of gielinor encampment for mmors
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