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God wars dungeon 2 for mmors

Mods Ollie, DEG and Avatar has become a scholarship, tell you all about the coming of God of War II dungeon II, which is makes us excited. We hope you enjoy your work in the community, concerned about the camp: gielinor phase. Enjoy!

This week, we will be in the two World War Dungeon 2 generals one look: vindicta zarosian and sliske mysterious disciples, gregorovic. We also have to look at some of their decline and reward!

Player Gallery: new theme - God vs. Dungeon

In order to compete for this month's player Gallery, we gave up a life of the size of the God battlefield prison 2 weapons! You have until April 1, 2016 to design / draw / sketch a terrible God war as the theme of the creative works.

There is no limit to the God, the boss or the faction you choose to paint. Not a fan of the figure painting? No problem - as long as your job is with a faction or under a dungeon, it's okay. We want you to be creative, you can try and get your hands on the life of the size of the prizes we have specifically for this competition.

All details can be found in the forum. Make sure you include your "display name and the title of your work in your submission. good luck! In the end,if you want to buy Runescape Gold ,you should choose our site

Sliske and the Chocolate Factory
Gielinor treasure hunter Award
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