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Guthixian Cache Guide From Mmors

Guthixian Cache is a Divination-themed Distraction and Diversion in RuneScape. In this Distraction and Diversion, players need to hop into an energy rift in order to collect memories of Guthix.

The cache is square shaped with an unstable crater at its centre. The Guthixian cache will appear for 10 minutes, every three hours. Players can access to the cache through any of the craters found at Divination colonies. When collecting memories, player should take them to the unstable crater in the centre of the cache and cast the memories into it.

Players have to avoid them or disable the automatons via the power of Cres because the automatons will stop them. There is a statue of Cres in each corner of the cache. Players can turn into Cres for 1 minute and disable the automatons by clicking on this statue. Players can gain divination experience as rewards. Besides, players can get a boost which will last for minutes.

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