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Hard to forget the annual wine festival

Wine Festival is part of the World of Warcraft epic festival achievement of a long strange trip, the completion of a long strange trip series of achievements, you can get rare the flight flying mounts - speeds of up to 310% Violet Proto-Drake reward one. For most of the old players to get rs gold, the Wine Festival achievements they have completed or has been completed, in long TBC cycles, they have completely gone through most of the achievements in the wine section in the the WLK Open, restless allows players direct access to the achievements of those who keep three wine festival clothing.

But do not think that this year's wine festival is not attractive. WLK open and Wine Festival is once again open our new high-end loot and always a different experience, our wine festival themes, the same old players prepared for their content, as we have not forgotten those new players, if it is a have not played the new players of the wine festival, we thematic take you to complete the achievements of the wine festival. Drink to take with us Brewmaster! Welcome to the Wine Festival, held this grand festival to celebrate the emergence of the great inventions of the alcoholic beverages! Brewers players from all over Azeroth in this special day come together to exchange views and learn wine recipe.

Many places to set up a beer garden, but the activities of the main venue in Orgrimmar and Ironforge. The main city during the festive season and have a holiday messengers lead to you to the main venue to participate in festivals. The festival will bring you a very interesting article and can be used as bragging horse. Players can task to experience the fun of the wine festival, money, to win Wine Festival Awards currency and exchange their favorite items. During the festival there is a special movement is sheep racing, driving skills determine how much you get awards. Of course, buy rs gold is the heart of perseverance, this task is completed, you can dialogue with the NPC handling cask handling is updated every 18 hours, so a good grasp of time is the key.

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