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Haunted Graveyard for mmors

There are Halloween rich treasure hunter becomes the haunted cemetery!

Collect as many candy corn and exchange spooky seasonal prizes: 00: 00 UTC October 29 - 23:59 UTC November 4.

Candy corn can be found in the treasure hunters - or by raising the skills of Buy RS Gold the game to kill or daily challenges - and stack in your inventory. It can also change the player or players on the big exchange.

Click on your candy corn stack redemption of RS Gold our selection of Halloween prizes:

Count Draynor cosmetic cover dress

Pumpkincrow companion pet

Halloween bat necklace

Icthlarin mask pain

Amascut mask of hunger

Pumpkin transmitter (two-handed coverage)

Broome (magic hands cover)

Mythical hammer (two-handed melee rewrite)


Raptor Challenge for mmors
Chronicle Closed Beta for mmors
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