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Heart of Fire for mmors

Heart of Fire lets you burn up the ice, you might have any extra heart, let you decide your next award category.

To use the fire of the heart, simply click on the icon next to the heart of RS Gold the ice counter when it's bright red.

Then, the system will prompt you to choose which category you want. Note that you can right-click on the heart icon fire, you should change your mind to select your choice.

In the rare category, Ice is more popular, you will incineration process. Also key is the use of cooling time, depending on the category of Runescape Gold your choice:

You will find some rare reward previous business is making a comeback, as Golem clothing, helmets widget Skilling, the latest slayer mask and so on.

The worst part is when we have used ice heart, improve the features and options, and give you a heart of ice 100 extra to use.

Jagex introduced a series of updates history broadcast live streams this week
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