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Heart of gielinor encampment for mmors

Help ajjat adventurer fights every day XP culture, and establish a statue at the entrance to the dungeons to upgrade your buildings and more skills. As a community to Buy RS Gold complete the necessary tasks, get rewards, including the electric arm gun.

From UTC 23:59 time March 21st to March 17th 00:00, the daily use of different skill sets of the statue, toward the magnificent energy receiving arm cannon!

How to play: You will get 100 basic gielinor log tools, in the heart of every day. If you miss it, you can pick them up on the day of the event.

Use the tool to send to the new God of war gielinor dungeon, heart, into the new community. Skills change UTC 00:00 every day, so be sure to find out what they are every day!

Ajjat talk to the new God of war dungeon entrance outside if you want a full run of the event how to work. Unfortunately, free accounts will be in the heart of gielinor events.Maybe you should look at our website

Gielinor treasure hunter Award review to The latest patch of NXT
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