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Helpful Security Guidelines From Mmors

Fraud violates game and BBS rules. This should be penalized and will cause your account to be silenced or banned depending on the severity of the fraud crime.

It is easy to avoid fraud through common sense and awareness. This guide aims to help real players attack fraudsters' tricks and lies. You report any person who you think is trying to cheat you is vital. The more evidence you have, the easier it is to catch bad guys and keep RuneScape world clean!

What should you pay attention to? No matter how the scam is broken, all scams can be avoided by following this advice that is summen up by
Don't give up or trade things you don't want to lose.
Complete all transactions in a transaction.
Pay attention to each trade window.
Beware of overly complicated processes.

Have you ever been asked to jump world in some places? Do you use something? Don't buy things for other players. Don't accept junk as payment or collateral - their GE prices may not reflect real value! Beware of scammer teams.

Big exchange/buy limit scam:
The scam exploited the limits of the Grand Exchange. Buy limit is, of course, for some items. So in this case, the fraudsters will require you to purchase a large number of items which price is higher than the market price of the items - usually is largely unused items with few transactions, causing prices to rise. Fraudsters will sell the items in the big bourse and then buy the cheater's useless stuff, so the fraudsters will benefit from your willingness. is a professional site to buy RuneScape gold. We have the lowest prices in the market and the fastest delivery.

General Tips for RuneScape Green Hands
Common Scamming Cases In Old School RuneScape
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