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Highest Hunter for mmors

At least 20 players with especially big matches, the highest Hunter machinery will come into force, bringing an additional death. Notice of finding the essence of Buy RS Gold death on the stage.

A new bar will appear on your head as you get close to the nature of death. The first player to fill the bar will become the highest hunter. When everyone's bar is displayed, you should try your best to stop the leader from becoming the top hunter. Better, if you kill a person standing in nature, you'll get half of them.

Become the highest hunter is a real honor, you will receive the appropriate weapon and the appearance of the role. Your name will be on the stage. You will have enough strength to resist the waves of the players who have no doubt trying and taking you out.

Use special attacks on your top hunter weapon to defend against opponents off. This calls for 10 souls to fight for you. For every living soul, you will receive 10% damage reduction, which means that the maximum hunter has 100% damage reduction, while all souls are alive. When you remember this idea, put them in!

Reward system

According to your personal performance in the game, you will get the points that can be spent on the reward. Wait for the right price to sell, including useful things, like the ancient teletabs creativity, cosmetics top hunting cap, and good stuff useful, can solve the PVP - Bounty Hunter load coming. These ranges from 65 level powered armor set to the cost of a food reward that can be retained by those who hate the PVP, giving you a start time content down.

The old rewards from Buy Runescape Gold the crucible will still be in this reward shop, so don't be afraid, if you want to pick those.

But now enjoy the death!

Treasure hunter armor for mmors
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