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Home team and Goebie

Tuska step through the portal, you will be satisfied goebies, a strange game frog-like creatures who call Mazcab their home - who have a serious problem airut. Tuska eat their planet many years ago, and the soldiers of the Special Working Group continues to act as a cruel overlord.

The planet itself is packed full of new and exciting content for all types of players. We have plenty of news and video-related, in the near future, so I just give you a quick rundown now:

First up is the attack. The epic adventure provides a high-level boss battle new service, for up to 10 groups of players. Each RAID boss has a very different game, have a lot to achieve in each fight requires teamwork, or even right. Will have the next two bosses with the first version, with a lot of planning, but also in the future, more and more difficult and rewarding.

There raid feat - a series of absurd challenges hard battle truly dedicated soldier. There is also a new PvP security activities, where you will move important materials goebie between the camps.

There are a lot of exploration, too. Mazcab far more than the owner of a home fighter - there is a whole world to discover! Find lore fragments and complete mini-missions and get lost in the forest dungeon-style changes faster than the speed kebbit.

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