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How To Report A Player

When you meet RuneScape players who are fidgety, rude, or you can not stand, the best way to is to add them to your ignore list, or adjust your chat Settings, so you don't have to worry about.

In rare cases, you can use reporting tools when a player's behavior escalates or continues beyond simple drag-and-fishing. What does the reporting tool do? The reporting tool sends the game's chat to Jagex customer support team. Then they will view the report and take necessary further action.

How to submit a report? Mmors teaches you to submit reports simply.
1. Click the "report player" button at the right of the "all chat" interface.
2. Click "report player".
3. Select the relevant chat or player you want to report from the list of recent chats. Their names will appear in the bottom section. If the host does not expect other players to see their chat, there will be other options to "mute this player for 48 hours". Click "next" when you are sure to select the correct player.

You can also report the player by right-clicking the player and selecting "check" and then using the report logo in the upper-left corner of the results interface.

How do I know that my report has been reviewed?
Although we do not send confirmation or update, please be assured that all successful completed report in games will be processed and reviewed within 24 hours of submission.

Informatin About Reporting A RuneScape Player
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