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How to Do Farming in Runescape

To start Farming, you need to find the Farming patch. The world has different types of patches. When you arrive at a patch, it will be covered with cheap RS Gold weeds. You need to use a rake to remove these weeds. Then you will want to treat the soil with compost. In most cases, you will use the seed on the planting patch, while leaving seed in the stock for planting. Use a watering can in the new plant, so it will start to grow. Note that your plant can get sick if you die alone.

If your plant is sick, you must use a botanical potion on plants. This can be bought from any farmer who approached most of the agricultural patch with 25 coins. You can also buy these botanicals at the farm store, but 40 RS Gold. If you are not using the botanicals for the time on the plant, it will die.

When you harvest some patches, you also need a shovel. You can treat the patch with compost to avoid the disease and increase the harvest yield when you choose to grow the plant.

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