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How to Play Raddallin of Lost Sword

Dara speak in Falador park, if you want a complete rundown on mmors how the situation at work.

Every day skills change, there is always a free-to-play and members' option. Make sure to Buy RS Gold check back every day to find out what it is!

Daily from 00:00 UTC, ends at 23:59 UTC - in accordance with the game clock.

XP chest working day in day skills, and improve your personal and social contribution - which unlock unique rewards. To do this, you need tools.

You will get the promotion, the login 100 basic tools every day. If you missed any of them, you can pick them up during the event at a later date. You can also buy a small (30) and large (100) toolkit loyalty points store - up to 10 each.

Gold tool - which gives 25 times the contribution, as well as 25 times XP, if the skill is 50 or over 10, if the skills below the fold - you can win treasure hunter.

Whichever tool work skills are activated that day, it can be used five times before breaking down. Gold tool always use first.

Lost Sword of Raddallin Rewards
How to begin the invasion of Falador
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