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How to avoid the ray array in Aion

I think there are two ways, the first is driving the whole effect of the witch in the reading of the time, there will be a place on the table a white light randomly, the light is moving location of the witch, get out of the light.

The second effect is that do not open effect, at the end of the Witch reading bar, immediately see your small radar, if you see a red dot around small radar, run away in the opposite direction in accordance with the position of the red dot. After the lifting of the impact (strength absorption, Magic; attract, elf) immediately jump up, not run away. witch Ray Eren weak state of cloth and other occupations except guardian are fatal.

Command prompt players to pay attention to the child witch stepped down position (PS: If you step down child witch in the middle, she read the article Ge Landa anger explode, back to the table edge, 13 m from the witch, is not in). The first form of child witch stepped down after the blood should be at least 55% less, if higher than 55%, that is either full of physical force, or is the team's overall output is not enough.

If you can win at spare stage on the table, then the best, no it does not matter, as long as the output on the line at the back of accelerating, witch on stage will read again 30 seconds after the space bar. Remember tips players hide ice continues remote blood pressure, and then 30 seconds after the reading of the Ge Landa of space tear exchange for C units, this time into the avatar of the stage anyway, and if this does not carry spare time, it is likely that your team will be in the final because the time is up then the witch fly away.

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