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How to avoid your RS account been hacked

Runescape is a online MMORPG game which has a large number of players, in the game RS Gold, items, account are also have value. So causing more and more hackers are trying to hack the player's account to get the really money.Here I will give some suggestions to avoid their own account from hackers.



First, make sure your computer security, install antivirus software and firewalls, anti-virus computer software once a week checking;



Secondly, some players will receive some email which told the player need to change password, and these messages likely send from Jagex Ltd.When the player clicked on a link which in the email to change your password, then hacker will get all the account information, so please be careful everything from the Jagex Ltd email messages, and confirm the information true and false.



Finally, there will be someone in game cheat, through chat obtain the trust of the players, and then use some excuse to get into the player's password.So at any time please do not just reveal their account password information.


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