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How to begin the Mahjarrat Memories to get sense of satisfaction

High-level miniquests are only allowed by members. Carrying our team to fill in March, the Mahjarrat memory is for those who have discovered the secret of Koschei undead history new miniquest. In the process, you will collect and store the remaining memories linger in ancient parts of the equipment, and collect the Mahjarrat to be ready for the things you are familiar with, such as Sliske, lucien and Azzanadra, and get satisfied you never had. This will give you more insight into the height of the second age in Zarosian Empire, making it a true lovers enjoy a dead.

Awards including conventional and extra bonuses the divination in XP, books about games, filled with your memories collected during the mission. Makeup covers your head, and a surprising lovely doll pet shook his head, there is certain arrogance Mahjarrat after style. On top of all, you will also receive tasks of fate; the gods can be very useful on a project. If you want to discuss Mahjarrat memory, please keep the destroyer limiting to this thread.

How to get Mahjarrat memories: please get to Mr. Ward's house in Rellekka and climbed down the ladder. Requirements: You must have at least a 60 level divination, and complete Koschei trouble. Please note that this again needs to be done by the following: 1. The Mahjarrat ceremony. 2. Qi and blood run deep. 3. The Fremennik test. 4. The splendid memory.

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