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How to combat with Battleships

From the treasure hunter grabbed a pile of the battleship blueprints, and use them to get some buildings XP, and create a battleship follow you through the Gielinor - if you across the people who have a warship out around, and then the two of them can play!

According to you commanded your ship combat, you either lose or win the battle. Win, you will be really cool building XP to take a bath! Lost, you'll still be getting your XP, but your ship will sink into the depths of the ocean. With strategic vision you command, you will be rewarded!

Each can be set accurately, defense or active mode. Similar games stone, scissors, cloth, accurate will beat any defense ships, any defense ship will prevail over an active, enterprising ship will eliminate the accurate ship! Must choose your way carefully, if you want to win the game!

Despite the win, the vessels can only endure so much fight! After two straight wins, the ship would be blighted, you'll have to send another. In addition, if you don't find anyone to fight after 10 minutes already ship out, you will earn XP rewards you anyway, but your ship will be destroyed.

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