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How to enter the sweepstakes

If you don't get a token in the open a mysterious box, you will get a consolation prize: a heap of water balloons, imperial warships equipment, a giant prism or lamp, cash or a medium bag.

Please note that water balloon is the only consolation prize available iron players.Pepe reina will give you a mysterious box, when you bring her 8 bucket of sand, three times a day.With you for the first time, she will also give you a beach party ticket.Hold - Lumbridge pit beach party next week at the beginning, you can replace a gift bag!

You can get up two boxes of challenges every day, every day you can win more treasure hunters.

On June 28, after two weeks, you have the chance to claim that a big box.Pepe reina to each ordinary box you open (including any open you in 28).Each person gives you a chance to win the lottery star prize: a crab deformation hat.The hot summer of tire are tradable, until in a photo.

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