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How to get Alchemist’s Amulet in Runescape

Open the treasure hunters in the chest, one of you can grasp new alchemist charms!

Took up the treasure hunter's new pieces, once you have collected 10 you can combine them into an alchemist's talisman. Once combine them, you will receive a straight cash in your pocket - and then you can use amulet another heap gold every day!

But that's not all - before you also have the opportunity to win former talisman is available. Combined with old amulets with new, you create an updated version of the promotion process, including all the amulet benefits: 20, an high fees, exchange the teleport options and the bag of cash every day!

Do you feel lucky? Each use charms, let your daily cash bag, do you have a talisman to grant you 1 million gold, not a chance!

All regular account for at least one key every day, and in RuneScape members get two! You can earn more by game - only need to access the wiki to find out how to, and learn more about the treasure hunter itself.

To our checkout page, buy more keys, in the game to redeem bonds, or directly click "buy key" when you're a treasure hunter.

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