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How to get Tinsel Snake Hunt

In Varrock, you will find a Christmas tree at the center of the market square. Every three hours, the beginning of an event, you can collect up to spiral out of control of wire snakes, and return it to the tree. Announced that it will go out when the event is active. Then, went to Varrock and click on the tree to participate.

Click wire to cause them to go back to the tree snake, form the train up to 10. They are not picky about who they follow, nonetheless, beware of other players trying to choke your wire of the train!

Return wire snake in the tree, in order to earn points cheer, plus a call XP. You'll get more no longer is you fancy snake trains.

In addition to the above reward, you can spend your points reward shop in joy. Click on the gift bag, spend some of their holiday decorations to cover:

Covered in ice sickle: main hand melee weapons.

Snowman outfit: a cover a set of four, including the head, body, legs and snow generator cloak slot.

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