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How to improve the evolution of the battle

We released Runescape combat ambitious plan progress quickly earlier this year. In addition to my post to the traditional mode, I want you to know that we are trying to make a big improvement. We have released the revolution, the momentum in addition, line up ability, ability to share and bank preset quickly, but they are just the tip of the iceberg.

You will know that some of the key changes have votes from your player of the power supply system, but there is a review: Special attacks. If you've been in operational test, you will know all the old of the implementation of special attack is now performing polishing and balance. This will add more diversity, feasible gear and the excitement of battle, another gap.

This can also be used to test the beta already, and we've got the old formula. We're doing a changed the whole RUNESCAPE the hatred of the monster creatures are more active.

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