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How to start the fire festival

Heart burn celebration is a huge bonfire, which can be used to RS Gold burn logs and cremated bones have additional benefits:

+ 25% Firemaking XP upgrade.

Similarly Firemaking XP boost, because brazier cremation (without prayer XP upgrade).

Always act as if the purpose of the five individuals are using it XP- improved.

A chance to save the log (the ever-changing tax) combustion.

Triathletes can apply for free POI and solutions, and use them. This will display the animation, but there is no reward XP.Triathlon players can use the campfire, but will not do receive these benefits.

You can also find Carlos chef. He spoke of free snacks, and free to Buy RS Gold use his box stores and a nearby bank where culinary training.

Mmors about advanced mob presentation
MMORS publish news about Celebration of Fire
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