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Idle adventure can get beta access

We are looking for Buy RS Gold early beta for the first time to participate in the play, our upcoming free games, the arena: The Adventures of idle, which will in the next few weeks. This closed test activity will be carried out on steam, so you need to be able to participate in a steam account. We would like to hear you are willing to give us feedback and help shape the game, which is in the early stages of testing.

To investigate, if you haven't heard of it, the adventures of the lake are our upcoming free play game set in a familiar universe, in cooperation with people in the super. It's cool, low intensity game all the upgrades and RPG grab big. You can run it anytime, anywhere. Familiar with the legend of the world and some new experience, your role in real time. Check out the Defense Department tag and Osborn chat style, the game's knowledge and character, and show some conceptual art in this stream:

This is a good chance to RS 3 Gold participate! Test version is still under construction, so please know that it will have its bug, and in some places it is broken. But like the finished version, it will be perfect for the "second screen game", so it won't take you away from playing rupees, or even play at the same time! Good luck - we look forward to your answer!

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