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If You Lost Items Due to A Hijacker

Jagex said early that they only return items due to technical problems or disruption of services resulting in loss of items. They are unable to return any lost items if a third-party gaining access to your account.

It is important for individuals to take measures to ensure their online information safe because Jagex cannot protect your personal information. Mmors knows that Jagex provides the necessary to protect your account security measures, such as password authentication, the registered email and bank PIN number.

But if your personal information and password are known by a third party, having the opportunity to access your account. To this end, we urge players to use all the tools we provide and take all measures to protect their information. Be sure to follow these guidelines to ensure your account and information security:

The registered E-mail address is secure and has a two-step verification activity.
The RuneScape account enabled the authentication device.
Your device for playing RuneScape is safe, and your RuneScape password is not known to anyone.
You regularly search for viruses and other malicious programs to keep the computer safe.

Although they cannot return your project or reply to your report directly, we do want to know more about you and take action against the person in charge. Mmors hopes you have no such experience.

Mmors is a professional site to buy RS gold.

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If You Lost Items Due to Cheatings
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