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If You Lost Items Due to Cheatings

Jagex said early that they only return items due to technical problems or disruption of services resulting in loss of items. We are unable to return any lost items if you are cheated.

Please refer to our guide of scam prevention to ensure that you do not suffer fraud again. Although we cannot return your project or reply to your report directly, mmors do want to know more about you and take action against the person in charge.

1. We have tentatively tried a lost item recovery service, but it is clear that our tools are not being used in this way and the whole system is not sustainable.

2. We have received a large number of false claims, and tried to exploit and abuse the system, which seriously slowed down the process. It requires detailed, time-intensive surveys using tools that are not suitable for work.

3. We provide all kinds of advanced security features. When this feature is enabled, your account will be difficult to take over.

4. We're very seriously considering the safety. Research shows that if we return goods due to hijack account lost items, we will see these cases will increase, it will become more common.

Mmors has been looking for ways to improve security capabilities, and we're going to do education for players first. We value all of our players, including those who have been loyal to RuneScape Gold trade for years. The intent of this policy is not to doubt that commitment.

We would rather invest time and resources to provide features, tools and recommendations to prevent cheating first, rather than trying to deal with falling and chasing after damage. In this case, prevention is better than cure.

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If You Lost Items Due to A Hijacker
Boost Your Runescape Account Security
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