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Improved runemetrics God book

There are quite a few in this week to continue in the arena, so we stand. First of all, we see runemetrics - a powerful analysis tool to help you find the most efficient emission. God's book can now be placed in the pocket slot in the new God as the theme of the special form to get some love. Finally, we have a new batch of improved invention was found, and then use the. Yo! Read more...

Runemetrics is a set of analysis tools, can be used in all the way, you play "track your efficiency. It can be in the game and through a special section of the RuneScape website.

Everyone has provided basic XP tracker and the decrease of the log for free. In addition, there is a more detailed version called the runemetrics pro. This level of service allows you to check the historical data and access such as XP per hour, more advanced analysis tools, the time to the next level, minute counter and injury.

Subscribe to the runemetrics Pro can buy 1 monthly bonds or by credit card and paypal. Au premier club members will receive exclusive runemetrics Pro 2 weeks of trial, and the remainder of the year at half price.

For more information on Web page runemetrics.

Runemetrics has many uses, we are very excited to see you from the track of your data conclusion. You will create a map to determine the highest damage caused by your equipment, finally put the nasty boss away? How much time gielinor will you save other activities, you know how you really, and soon you will the a key technical level? This is all for the game, so let us know what you think through the forum.

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