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Informatin About Reporting A RuneScape Player

How do I get JMod to know why mmors submits the report?
After you choose to report the player, a screen will pop up where you can see the rules to report a player. Choose the offensive relationship with player commitment and submit the report. The last part of his interface is the option to ignore before you log out.

What if the player broke a number of rules at the same time?
You only need to submit an abuse report for an event. We can get all the information we need from a single report.

What if their offense is not available for choice?
If you're not sure which rule to choose, just select the rule that you think is the most appropriate. Don't worry, if you click on the wrong attack, our player support team will still know what to do with your report!

When should we submit the report?
Once a crime has occurred. The report contains only chat in the game that occurred during the sending, so you shouldn't wait to discuss it with someone. If you wait, it may be too late! You can talk to someone at any time after the report is sent.

Do you accept screenshots as reports?
Because of the ease of manipulation, we can't accept screenshots of players as evidence. If you want to report crime, you always use the function of the game.

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How To Report A Player
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