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Introduction of Free to Play Revenant Hunting

About 4,000 many years ago, there occurred God Wars, a lot of folks died and afterwards ended up trapped in the Wilderness permanently. Close to their souls have been the evil magic and corruption which twisted them. And now, these creatures are known as Revenants.

Before, when PvP was eliminated to beat Real-world investing, they roamed the wilderness in order to exchange PKers, but they were being forced into the Forinthry Dungeon when PvP was introduced back again. And now they continue searching whoever enter the Forinthry Dungeon, utilizing their expertise to reduce any one who occurs to acquire across their paths.

For high-level players, they want to destroy revenants to go time. Naturally, they've reasons. Some gamers would like to have the possible drops, such as the old PvP weapons, armour and statuettes which may well worth like 5 million cash.

Players can discover the revenants in the North-eastern space of the Forinthry Dungeon. Hurry up and buy some cheap RS Gold, then you can have fun and have benefits by killing revenants.

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