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Introduction to Achievements Rivers and Lakes

First, Overview of vocational skills. Rivers and lakes to the first test game position. Each occupation has its own unique characteristics. Where four days of military occupation alone a melee after the meat does not mean that no single sharp knife which endure battlefield dance like Lotus, specific rotation of a blossoming flesh with its anti-high, is the country war assault is not magic.

And Ling Yu and occult belong master remote external work and internal strength occupations, where flames arrow array and leading electricity duel belong battle group injury sustained high attack skills, is a prime PK country battle weapon, cents tone, assisted synonymous, if you think the arena of the auxiliary or nurse, then you will become the first man fell to the foot of the nurse.

He sustained injuries, anti-injury, anti-injury heal all wounded enemy selfish magic. Four occupations are not lazy fool occupations, mainly in the fighting, is the need for brains both hands, career overall is still relatively balanced, relatively small in the early control skills, thereby increasing the duration of the fighting.

Second, the skills upgrading. If we say that occupation, as opposed to the journey and Xian Xia it changes little, but changes in skills upgrading subvert other games we've finished the Giants. Before the old journey of skills required skills in the book. You can upgrade to 7, and the journey of 2 to change the price to upgrade to do the task to obtain skill points can be upgraded to 14.

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To Do Task to Upgrade Raiders
Introduction to Runescape Cat Pavilion
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