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Introduction to Runescape Cat Pavilion

Runescape cat pavilion is a monster distribution in many areas, not only has a wealth of experience, but also have a lot of treasures, but want to get these treasures is very not easy, because there are a lot of dharma and guards, officially because these treasures, Runescape cat pavilion became a copy of the players must conquer every day. Cat pavilion copy is a copy of the multilayer, different layers of the monster is not the same grade, the Runescape player can according to their actual level, selective to challenge the copy cat pavilion.

Cat pavilion of monster is divided into two kinds, active attack and passive attack a monster, monster's attack is very high, drop rate things also many, recommend a team into the cat pavilion, combat will become more relaxed. In cat pavilion, although monster distribution is more, every monster with full of honey, but there are different quality of the monster, the higher the quality of, the more you will drop the baby. High quality, purple, green, number in the cat was very scarce, all people as far as possible in the game away a team looking for high quality, so get props will be more, improve the efficiency of cat pavilion indiana. shares what's in the cat baby? An alchemist, is the main way of treasure output cat pavilion, then take an alchemy is what is the purpose? An alchemy is the practice of the skills in Runescape props, use an alchemist, star slot can rise the star skills, skills l star level is higher, the skills of the will, the greater the power kill more refreshed! Features, can also be obtained from the cat, contain the big secret in secret, cultivation techniques, can obtain rich experience rewards.

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