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Jagex announced launch event Battle of Lumbridge for the browser MMO on July

Released on 22 July 2013. In a developer video, the MMO makers of Jagex show case several new features and announce the grand launch event "Battle of Lumbridge".

With Runescape 3 issued on 22 July 2013, the latest edition of the Brower MMORPGs. The release date of  Runescape 3, Jagex announced the team with a developer-video, which also features some of the upcoming features for the online role-playing game. The highlight of the third edition is a revised Runescape game graphics, thanks to the fantasy world of Gielinor from 22 July 2013 is much nicer to look at. For the launch of Runescape 3 also the in-game event "Battle of Lumbridge" takes place, according to the MMO maker permanently altered the course of the game world of MMORPGs.

Runescape 3 has new interface features which you can customize the user interface completely and earn rs 3 gold at your own discretion. Also, there's the online role-playing game from the release of the third revised edition camera features and a new high score system in which newcomers are competitive in the future. Other features like the character ability divination to a month after the release of Runescape 3 follow. Following the message you can still watch the video introducing some of the upcoming features and heralds the launch event "Battle of Lumbridge."

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