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Kapitel Tempelritter werden

1. Now go back to There Tiffy Cashien and explained to the pup of Sir Amiks pitch. Convey to him that the period is not really a disaster as well as White Knights aren't needed. But Friend Tiffy explained to you a couple of turmoil: Solus Dellagar, a strong mage, has delivered to Asgarnia and you should end it.

2 Isn't it about time return into the adventure to Sir Amik Varze. You realize him anything you simply just heard, and he requests you to arrest Solus technically Dellagar.

3 Now go back to Mister Tiffy Cashien. When he finds the girl's more details on what these kind of Solus Dellagar. He also informs you just what communion sphere. You might enable generate a. To get this done you will need both a mysterious gemstone, a Gesetzesrune plus a molten glass and also 10,000  rs gold bullion coins.

4 Appear with this particular ballpark you are able to now get in contact with Savant by means of right-clicking. You might stand a person inside your adventures down the road with practical facts about the web site and as a consequence you have the comm sphere any further, usually along with you.

5 Savant at this point talk about along with you the specific details about Solus Dellager. There are 2 identified witnesses, which past had get hold of Solus: Master Daquarius and a Zamorak Mage. To start with, you can with Lord Daquarius, leading the way with the Black Knights in battle talk.

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Chapter A package of rum for any pirate
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