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Lastest Updates in RuneScape

Recently, RS team has been focusing on fixing the existing problems. The latest Old School Runescape updates contain Zulrah Drop Table, PvP areas and so on.

Since its release in 2015, many players regard Zulrah as the only option for making money. To make the challenges match the rewards, RS team has reduced the average value of loots from Zulrah by roughly 30%.

In the latest osrs updates, tradeable items dropped manually from your inventory within the Wilderness, dangerous areas in PvP worlds and dangerous areas in Deadman worlds will now appear instantly to all players. So be careful for what you take in these places. However, food and potions dropped within those places will now never appear for other players.

So do you like all these updates? You can buy cheap RS 2007 Gold on to have fun in the game.

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