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Latest Runescape community chronicle last week

Community (back to payment by installment. In this version, we will talk about the upcoming game marathon GameBlast 24 hours (aid) in special effects, and check what's in the community activities Runescape!

Fan site: we are proud to announce that CrusadersScape is now a silver fan site. They have been trying to set up their own communities, and generate some really cool new features. Rumours, they now work some signature generator is for you to track your progress and charts to your friends! They are really eager to get your idea of power supply to the players to vote. To look at their BBS, let them know what you are their special discussion to vote.

You can find out which CrusadersScape has in its most recent news program in 2014 after the rest. RUNESCAPE wiki are building their annual family photos. Their family photos from last year to see the great, you can see their community has developed so much that they inherit the traditional, be sure to set foot here before March 1, ably to your character.

Players gallery: ever seen players library released this month. In light of the recent updates and vote on traditional mode and operational levels, theme is fight! We have received some amazing work - our favorite a, so far is Teezkut anger flame boots, he made from scratch. Take a look at!

Player design expressions: there are still time to vote the expression of player design will make it into the game. There are five amazing for choice. The leading paint is an expression in Runescape. "Old, Kurt," dance is in second place, and corruption, gymnastics and pipa pieces behind the house. You can find out more about the competition here, you can vote in a quick survey on the home page.

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The integrated skills of Runescape
RuneScape has a high visibility
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