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Launched a number of new rare

We launched a new batch of rare, which is up for grabs treasure hunter and rare items from the store this weekend, gold cane: flourish, this time waving his hands cosmetic weapon - Modify your walk animation. Combustion head: angry, this head-slot items, Alumni face flame. Sunglasses: fashion glasses recolourable lenses. Clear, dark, mirrors and more - 7 color shadows. Leprechaun hat: Assistant everyone's favorite agricultural worn.

Silver Eagle: glove-and-bird portfolio - equipped as a cosmetic hands and arms - with a walking animation changes.
Imcando Pistol: flintlock indulge your fantasies with these dual beauty. Effective crossbow, they fire bolts, but has a gorgeous shot effect. They are available from one, but can be used across several re-statted layer 70.

Imcando axis: double legendary Imcando Smith melee weapon. Statistical data can be from 1 to 70. Imcando rods and focus: the terrible heritage with cool animations. Statistical data can be changed from 1-70.

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Mmors.Com tell you about Skillcapes new look
Boss Instancing Improvements
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