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Level your account security and earn a reward

This is customer support week! From now until October 9th UTC 23:59 will have loads occurring in the game and offline. Join the fun, find out how to Buy RS Gold easily protect your account, and get a great reward in this process, you may even win 12 months of membership!

Celebrate the start of the week with a live broadcast on the UTC 17:00 RuneScape twitch channel, you can also play the theme version of the fall.

Here is the most important thing you can do, this week to get the most secure stay:

Coincidence count check - trail reel and bonus for the coffin

The center of the customer support week in the game is a new character count check. Having a chat with the guy who was found by lodestone Burthorpe your account is safe.

Get your trouble free XP light and return this week every day for him to pick up a new thread reel. Each clue scrolls will test your skills to Buy Runescape Gold the maximum, but there is also a twist. After completing a trail, you will receive the two prize coffin - a relaxed open, the other lock. Only the most secure account adventurers can unlock this coffin two. Do the bank pin and activate the validator.

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