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Lizardman Shaman in Runescape

Recently, there is a brand new Lizardman Shaman cave added in Runescape. Meanwhile Jagex has made some changes to Brutal Black Dragon OSRS because of the complaints from players.

It's said that Brutal Black Dragon is the strongest dragon so far, which can be found in the Catacombs of Kourend. It is also said that Jagex has increase an requirement to kill Brutal Black Dragon, which is Slayer level 77. At the same time you cannot get Dragon full helm OSRS from it any longer. These changes may result in the panic buying for Dragon full helm.

You can now find a series of caves at the north-west corner of the Lizardman Settlement, which is a single-combat area. If you want to kill the lizardman Shamans, you need to be on a slayer task. If not, Captain Cleive will come to stop you from killing them.
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