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Lores and history for mmors

RUNESCAPE will soon be red with blood Vampyrium master - the pursuit of the latest Myreque series - reach the next game update.

This week, we've got some toothsome treat you spent until the task hits: Old blood - new lores & History story - and vampires Riddle - a delicious dark secret, by the way bothers you - and podcasts and evil wolf looting.

First up, there's a whole new story featuring lores & History Lord Drakan himself after he seized Zarosian loyal to Zamorak's betrayal - plus views of the first half Vampyrium Drakan.

You can read the old blood - and all our previous story - lores and history section on the site.

We also offer some spectacular wallpaper and Twitter heading to Runescape Gold decorate your desktop and social media feeds. Enjoy mmors !

How to Get Starfury Armour for mmors
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