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Lost Sword of Raddallin Rewards

You'll get XP working in the chest, doing so will increase your personal contribution, and the contribution of mmors its open society as a whole. You may also receive praise Falador invasion, chest from work.

Unlock bonus reward both contributions reach the interface displayed. These include:

Raddallin own sword.
Increase the highest level of sword - up to 75.
One and two-handed sword cosmetic coverage.
Unique gesture, when the sword (or rewrite) is waving displayed.
Mysterious box, which can contain a variety of treasure hunter goodies, as well as recognition.
Finally, the mystery box has a higher yield prize - if you can unlock it!

Note that the triathlon accounts can participate:
Triathlon players can get everyday tools and LP purchase.
Triathletes can not claim the sword, but you can unlock the cosmetic cover.
Triathletes can not claim the mystery box.

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How to Play Raddallin of Lost Sword
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