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Low Run escape extends to the old school

We have 200000 cunning accounts into the game, until the outlawed, in time, will take a few weeks, several players report before the outlawed, butting every day. We absolutely, and zombies bombs in 2011-95% disappear overnight. These new accounts found him in a tougher environment, though, our combat game with the latest technology that is constantly forbid them faster than ever before.

Since 2013, we brought a series of new generation fight butting technology which enables us to detect all robots hours with 100% sure. We ban robots at random time interval after the first detection of a few days; they never know how they are tested. Is a side effect of this line, we see a lot of players who have butted before, try to attract them, because they mistakenly think that they are unfair to ban, because they tend to be normal play of the ban has been applied, so think we made a mistake, somehow, they managed to escape history butting. Robot cannot adapt to the new technology to make them have defects in a fully managed a trickle.

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