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MMORS introduce about Armour of Seasons

From June twenty-third 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC treasure hunter in June 27th will produce four kinds of natural materials: the seeds of Buy RS Gold prosperity, lush cherry blossoms, leaves and charred branches.

These can also be through the acquisition of skills through training is, logging, agriculture and fire, respectively. You can get your hands on the materials of any four types of deals directly with other players.

A collection of special materials to create 600 of its equipment. When you have 4 sets of clothing, with his wife, located in the southwest of Varrock, near the champions guild create their four armor.

Please note that the face is natural, from the Solomon store.

Any excess material will be cleared out on July 11, but before you can trade their bonus XP skills relevant to the lady Niya said.

Four armor is traded, if you want to trade.

Players can collect materials and make clothes but not trade any promotion project, can not be converted to additional XP and Mrs Aeneas.

The season's armor is doing what? Seasonal armor will automatically change its appearance, according to date, with the northern hemisphere season. This can be changed to Buy Runescape Gold match the southern hemisphere by right clicking and selecting the "reversal of armor pieces".

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